• To promote education and recreation
  • To develop the art of faceting
  • To exchange information related to faceting  
  • To provide meetings for those of like interests
  • To promote the achievement of individuals

The Midwest Faceters Guild is a vibrant community with a shared interest in appreciating and promoting the art and skills of faceting gemstones. Although based in the Midwest, we welcome all who are interested in faceting.

Our members have a vast array of experience and gladly assist those with varying levels of skill and knowledge, including the beginner.  We love to share our passion and experience by teaching and sharing information at our events, our annual faceting seminar, at regional gem shows, and on our website and Facebook page.

We celebrate and promote the accomplishments of the faceting community.  We invite and welcome the curious, the interested, the student, the hobbyist, and the artist to share in our knowledge and fascination.‚Äč

About The

Midwest Faceters Guild